Sniffly Nose Room Spray

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Helps the whole family breathe easier, in winter and beyond.

With natural essential oils including eucalyptus, rosemary & oil of wintergreen, this handy spray creates instant aromatherapy vapours to gently calm and soothe. Use for daytime sleeps, night-time comfort or when on-the-go. Can also be used as an antibacterial spray to kill germs and keep surfaces hygienic.

For best results, use Euky Bear Steam Vaporiser with Euky Bear Inhalant overnight for easier breathing.

  • Gently calms & soothes
  • Breathe easy
  • Natural essential oils
  • Antibacterial
  • Australian made & owned
This doubles as a great nappy bin deodoriser and kills germs around the change table area too!
Directions for use

Room Spray: 

Spray around the room for approx 3-5 seconds. Allow the product to settle before placing child to sleep in the room. 


Kill germs & bacteria: 

Spray onto surfaces including door handles, change tables, rubbish, nappy bins and toys to kill germs and bacteria. Hold can 15-20cm from surface and spray. Wait until dry. 



Use as a natural room deodoriser to remove odours.

Eucalyptus Oil Menthol Rosemary Oil Oil of Wintergreen No artificial fragrances or harsh chemicals

Keep out of the reach of children. Pressurised dispenser. Extremely flammable. Do not pierce or burn, even after use. Protect from sunlight and do not expose to temperatures exceeding 50°C. Do not spray on a naked flame or any incandescent material Keep away from sources of ignition – no smoking. Store dry below 30° 


Intentional misuse by deliberately concentrating and inhaling contents can be harmful or fatal. Propellant: hydrocarbon. 


For external use only. Always read the label. Use only as directed. Avoid contact with eyes and sensitive skin. If irritation occurs, discontinue use.


Euky Bear Sniffly Nose Room Spray kills 99.99% of common household germs. 

These include: 

  • Pseudomonas aeruginosa - a common bacteria found on surfaces, and in soil and water 
  • Staphylococcus aureus (common name - Golden Staph) – a bacteria responsible for antibiotic resistant staph infections 
  • Salmonella choleraesuis (common name - Salmonella) - a bacteria, can cause gastroenteritis 

Is it suitable to use around pets? 

There is limited research about essential oils and household pets. Household use is generally fine and best practice is to leave the area to air for up to 30 minutes so pets do not lick surfaces. If you have any concerns, contact your vet.