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3 Reasons you really need a ‘Baby’ Laundry Detergent

Nov 14, 2022
3 Reasons you really need a ‘Baby’ Laundry Detergent

Congratulations – there’s a new baby in the house! With so many changes going on, thinking about baby laundry detergent might seem low on the list… but it could be more important than you think.


Babies enter this world brand new and their skin can be very sensitive.  While it’s impossible to wrap our bubs in cotton wool, at least inside our homes we can try and eliminate as many toxins as possible.  A good place to start is your baby’s laundry!

Why a ‘Baby’ laundry detergent might be best

Sensitive laundry formulas are easy to find, so is choosing a special detergent designed for babies really necessary?  We think so, and here’s why.

  1. Babies have much more sensitive skin.
    According to the Royal Children’s Hospital, “Infant skin is still developing in the first few months of life. The skin is thinner, more fragile and more sensitive. It is also less resistant to bacteria, irritants and allergens that may penetrate the skin and cause irritation.”

    Choosing a product like Euky Bear's Baby Laundry Liquid can help give you peace of mind... designed especially with little ones in mind and with no nasties, it's dermatologically tested & kind to sensitive skin.

  2. You should wash baby’s things separately anyway
    Baby’s clothes are tiny and delicate: they’re going to need a lighter wash cycle than the rest of the family’s clothes, and preferably a cool one. Another good reason to wash their things separately?  Babies make a lot of mess you may not want mixed up with your things (think, poosplosions!)

  3. The liquid formula is more suitable
    If you’re running a delicate cycle in cool (or cold) water, you may find some powders will not dissolve properly. Liquids tend to be more suitable as they dissipate more easily in cold water and won’t risk leaving particles in your little one’s clothes.

Every new parent wants to protect their baby, and that includes taking tender loving care of their precious skin (and what’s closest to it!).  Choosing a product like Euky Bear’s Baby Laundry Liquid helps ensure their clothes, soft toys and bedding are fresh and clean without harsh chemicals.

More reasons you’ll love Euky Bear’s Baby Laundry Liquid:

  • Contains Australian Eucalyptus Oil (grown at our farm in Inglewood, Victoria!)
  • Removes everyday baby stains: milk stains, food stains, nappy stains
  • Removes Dust Mite allergens!
  • Hypoallergenic – proven kind to sensitive skin
  • Smells divine
  • 100% Aussie made & owned






  • Nov 14, 2022
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