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3 things you really need to clean now baby’s crawling

Mar 30, 2023
3 things you really need to clean now baby’s crawling
And…. they’re off! Once your baby starts to crawl, you’ll be surprised how much of ground they can cover and how many things they can get into.

Baby-proofing and safety is really important at this time, but keeping a clean and healthy environment is high on the list too - without adding extra chemicals to your home, of course!

Nobody with a baby has endless time to clean - and spotless homes are an Instagram myth! – but we’ve pinpointed 3 main areas that will make a big difference when it comes to keeping germs at bay.

1. Surfaces – especially the kitchen!

Baby will follow wherever you go and let’s face it, a majority of the time that’s the kitchen.

Frequently wiping over cabinets and white goods within bub’s reach is a good habit to get into… and it keeps those sticky fingerprints off them, as well.

Naturally derived cleaning products are important than ever during this stage, so choose a low tox multipurpose spray like Euky Bear’s Nursery Cleaner.

Formulated especially for baby, its plant-based formula removes grime and kills common household bacteria all around the home, from nursery surfaces to highchairs, change tables, nappy buckets and potties (yes that stage is fast approaching too)!

Pay particular attention to surfaces that are at mouth-level, like book shelves and tables. It’s actually not a bad idea to get down to baby’s level and have a look at what you can see from there: you may be surprised the dirt-traps you never noticed before.

2. Toys & play areas

Now baby’s more alert and active they’ll be using more of those toys they’ve been given by friends and relatives… and lots of them will be going in their mouth.

Finding a good laundry detergent with no harsh chemicals - like Euky Bear’s Baby Laundry Liquid. It’s important to frequently wash soft toys, play mats, blankets and other washable items baby comes in contact with daily.

Euky Bear’s formula is kind to baby’s skin and contains antibacterial eucalyptus oil, for added peace of mind without adding unwanted harsh chemicals.

Since crawling, teething and weaning all tend to come around the same time, you might want to also look into a bottle wash formula you can use to clean plastic toys, teethers, plates and utensils – like Euky Bear’s Baby Bottle & Utensil Cleanser. With natural enzymes doing the work, it’s a step above the usual ‘rinse and go’ and makes sure these items are really clean.

3. Floors

This is an obvious one but it’s really important.

Your baby’s hands go on the floor, and those hands inevitably go in little mouths. If there’s only one thing you do frequently, it should be vacuuming and mopping your floors – at least where baby mostly crawls.

If you don’t already leave your shoes at the door, you might like to start doing that now. Tracking shoes through the house can introduce a lot of dust, dirt, pollen and contaminants from outside. Invest in a cute shoe storage rack and some comfy indoor slippers; it’ll become habit in no time.

  • Mar 30, 2023
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