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5 Baby Sleep Tips for Long car trips

Mar 22, 2024
5 Baby Sleep Tips for Long car trips

Baby sleep on the go can be tricky: here are our tips for easy settling and happy travels when on the road with bub.

Life doesn’t stop when baby arrives – it just requires a lot more preparation, and that’s especially true for travelling. If you’ve got a long car trip planned, here’s a few clever ways you can help your baby or toddler stay happy and well rested along the way.

1. Keep your routine as consistent as possible

Babies and toddlers thrive on routine, so keep yours as consistent as possible when travelling and after you arrive at your destination. Timing car trips around nap time is a wise idea, as the movement of the car usually lulls most babies to sleep.

Working with baby’s natural sleep cycle can be useful: sunshine during the day, darkness at bedtime.

If it’s not dark at bedtime (which it’s often not) you may need to create darkness. There are some great travel blackout blinds on the market which can help block out the sun to signal it’s time to wind down – or in a pinch, you could even use garbage bags, or tin foil.

Finally if you use sensory cues in your bedtime routine at home (like sounds, aromatherapy or red light, such as in Euky Bear’s Sweet Dreams Sleep Aid), it’s a good idea to replicate these when travelling too (see #2 for ideas!)

2. Try a Portable Sleep Aid

Bringing a portable sleep aid is another fantastic way to help baby sleep. Euky Bear’s Sweet Dreams Portable Sleep Aid includes pink noise – like white noise, but a deeper sonic hue often found in nature. Babies find it soothing and it can help block out external noises in an unfamiliar environment to help baby fall asleep faster.

The Sweet Dreams portable sleep aid also includes red light therapy – a subtle red glow that helps support bub’s circadian rhythm (and provides a handy night light, too).
A sleep aroma mist, like Euky Bear’s Sleepy Time Linen & Room Mist, can be another helpful item to throw in your travel bag. With soothing organic lavender, it can help create a tranquil atmosphere for sleep anywhere you go.

3. Food glorious food!

Don’t underestimate the power of a full belly. Feeding younger babies right before setting off makes sense (and can help sleep).

For older babies and toddlers, novelty is king. In the weeks before holidays, hold off on buying their Number 1 favourite snacks – save them for the car trip. The excitement of being allowed their favourites will keep them happy (for a while, at least!)

Another genius idea is packing car snacks in little containers – use a box with multiple little compartments, like a sewing kit or even a medicine dispenser, so it becomes a game to open each one to find the snack inside.

4. New toys

Sometimes you want your child to stay awake rather than sleep in the car, so they don’t ruin their night sleep. But how to stave off boredom? Toys! But with a novel twist.

Before the trip, buy a bunch of new toys and books – they don’t need to be expensive, try a $2 shop - and wrap each one. Bring the bag of toys along and give one to baby each hour, or half hour, as necessary.

Sensory toys are especially good: try squishy balls, slinkies, poppers and fidget spinners. You could also try a new book with buttons to press for sounds.

For younger babies, look into suction toys that attach to the car windows, for a different way to entertain.

5. Audio books

Usually read a book before bed or nap times? There are some amazing audio books for kids out there, which can help if you’re in the car. Check out Audible or your local library.

If you need to use an iPad as a last resort, don’t stress – you won’t be the first parents to ever do so!

But do limit its use before naps and bedtime, because the blue light devices emit can be detrimental to sleep. Using the Sweet Dreams Portable Sleep aid with its red light function on can help, too. Red is the opposite of blue on the light spectrum and may be useful after device use.

Pro tip: Download some of baby’s favourite shows and movies before you leave, as a backup in case of unreliable Wi-Fi. Happy travels!

  • Mar 22, 2024
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