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6 Hacks all Bottle-feeding parents should know

Dec 12, 2022
6 Hacks all Bottle-feeding parents should know
There are so many reasons parents choose to use baby bottles – from using expressed breast milk, to formula top-ups and full time formula feeding.

Whatever the reason, the bottle-feeding journey can be overwhelming at times. How do I clean my baby bottles? Is natural cleaning a thing for bottles? Do I need to sterilise?

Don’t worry, because we’re here to share some helpful hacks all bottle-feeding parents need to know.

1. Finding the ‘right’ bottle
There are so many types of baby bottles, it really can seem like an impossible choice!  And babies all like different types.

Some parents swear by one shape and others say their little one will only drink from another. So before you go stocking up, buy one and test if your baby will drink from it first!

2. Preparation is Key
Night feeds can be exhausting at the best of times, and with so much more paraphernalia involved in bottle feeding, it pays to be prepared. Get everything prepped before you go to bed: the last thing you want is to be sterilizing, measuring out formula or defrosting breast milk in the middle of the night.

3. Stay on top of cleaning
Milk residue can quickly harbour some nasty bugs, so don’t leave bottles lying around after feeding. A quick rinse is the bare minimum, but you should clean them properly as soon as possible.

Euky Bear’s Baby Bottle & Utensil Cleaner is your secret weapon. This plant-based formula with a naturally derived enzyme means it’s gentle yet effective at removing tough milk and formula residue – even if you got so tired you forgot to rinse.

The light consistency means it rinses completely clear leaving no residue, just fresh clean bottles. It’s also great for breast pumps, food utensils and dummies.

4. Get bub used to others
If baby will only be fed by you, it’s going to be difficult to get any alone time, and trust us – you’re going to need some! Get your partner or another carer like a grandparent to feed your little one every now and then - from as early as possible. It’ll set up baby with more flexibility so that you can catch a break.

5. Your bottle grows as your baby does!
You’ve found your perfect bottle and teat combo, you’re in a nice rhythm and life is good.

Then out of nowhere, your little one starts getting fussy at feeding time and refusing the bottle. They’re growing up, and as they grow their milk needs change too. It might be time to upgrade the teat flow or bottle size to accommodate those growing tummies.

6. No need to warm milk
Did you know babies don’t actually need warmed up formula? Room temperature is just fine and it will streamline your middle of the night preparation. If baby is going from breastfed to formula, they may take some adjusting as breastmilk from mum is a bit warmer.

But you can start by heating the formula a little, then gradually get them used to room temperature. Game changer!

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  • Dec 12, 2022
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