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6 Tips to Make Baby’s Bathtime Bigger

Jul 02, 2024
6 Tips to Make Baby’s Bathtime Bigger
When it comes to baby’s bath time, we tend to focus on the practical bits – getting clean, getting out. But what if it was more?

As busy parents, it’s sometimes one of the only times of the day we get to slow down, connect and really focus on bub. Bath time can become a great time for learning, for engagement, for sensory experiences, and for lots of laughs!

With that in mind, we’ve come up with 6 ways you can make baby bath time bigger, better and so much fun, they’ll never want to get out.

1. Bubble games

Bubbles are universally popular with our little ones, and for good reason: they’re heaps of fun!  As children explore how they float, pop and disintegrate into the water, children are also learning and engaging their minds.

Show baby how you “blow” the bubbles from your hands… try making bubble “beards” with your your toddler. Who can make the tallest bubble hat?

Choosing a good, no-nasties bubble bath for this is so important, particularly for little ones.

Try Euky Bear’s Bubble Bath, which is dermatologically approved and kind to sensitive skin.

2. Hair washing fun

Washing hair can be fun! Putting some effort into making it fun and trauma-free from the get-go is a great investment in your time.

Grab a face guard or visor for your baby to help keep suds out of their eyes, and make sure you pick a ‘soap and tear free’ shampoo formula like Euky Bear’s Hair & Body Wash.

This beautiful formula with Australian Native Kakadu Plum also leaves their hair soft and smelling divine!

As baby grows older, goggles can be a fun way to graduate from hats/visors. To distract, get them to wash a favourite toy’s hair at the same you’re doing theirs. Play some calming music, and make sure you heap on the praise when they’ve completed the task without fuss.

3. Sensory spa

Why not make bathtime an immersive sensory experience? You can do this routine on a special occasion, or anytime really! It’s especially good before bed as the calming scents really help relax and soothe.

To prepare, pop on a Sweet Dreams Sleep Aid and your favourite Baby Essential Oil blend (suitable from 3+ months). We love Sleepy Time for night time routine. You can even bring your sleep aid into the bathroom for this.

Play one of its soothing lullabies for extra ambience, or pop your favourite music or meditation on.

Now, run your bath and add Sleepy Time Vapour Bath (you can swap this out with the Sniffly Nose Vapour bath anytime they’re feeling under the weather).

This comforting bath soak is enriched with natural magnesium and organic lavender – mmmmmm!

After bath, a massage with Euky Bear’s Body Lotion will help keep skin soft and nourished, with oils like Rosehip, Jojoba plus Vitamin E.

Finally, spritz our Sleepy Time Linen and Room Mist on bub’s bedding before putting them down, or continue using the Sleep Aid as they drift off to aromatic slumberland. Who needs a day spa!

4. Car wash

Do you have a toddler obsessed with cars? Try bringing some in the bath and creating a car wash! As most parents soon discover, anything that can go in the bath, does go in the bath! And why not? Toys in general are a great option for keeping squirmy toddlers occupied and having fun.

Remember never to leave babies or children unattended in the bath, even if they seem absorbed in what they’re doing. It’s a great opportunity for interactive play, so wear something splash-proof and join in!

Remember to drain/ dry toys thoroughly after bath to prevent mould growth. You can also wash bath toys with our Baby Bottle & Utensil Wash.

5. Bath Rave

Time to dim the lights (or find a cool disco light) and put on some banging tunes! Music can be a really great way to lighten the mood at bath time – whether it’s pop music, The Wiggles or something a bit more low key.

A waterproof bluetooth speaker is a terrific investment for the bathroom. Let toddlers pick their playlist, and enjoy!

6. Potions

Who didn’t love creating ‘potions’ as a kid in the bath? You can just let your littlies use their own imagination, or try making a potion yourself – like this DIY
Bath Bomb Bubble Potion.

Toddler age and onwards will love this mini ‘science experiment’ in the bath, and clean up will be easy, which is a bonus. Bath crayons or paints are another great option for mini creative geniuses out there.

While there are literally dozens of novelty options to make baby bathtime fun, the best thing of all for kids is spending time with mum or dad - that’s the real secret ingredient. Enjoy the tips!

  • Jul 02, 2024
  • Category: Blog
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