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Aromatherapy for Babies: A Guide to Soothing Scents

Oct 11, 2023
Aromatherapy for Babies: A Guide to Soothing Scents
Babies are bundles of joy, but they can also be fussy, restless, and prone to occasional discomfort.

As parents we are always looking for ways to comfort our little ones, and one of those ways you might be curious about is aromatherapy. Aromatherapy for babies has gained popularity in recent years, and for good reason. The soothing scents of essential oils can offer numerous benefits for both babies and parents alike.

In this blog, we'll explore the world of aromatherapy for babies, including its benefits, safety precautions, and some essential oil recommendations.

Note: the essential oil blends recommended in this article have been carefully crafted with little ones in mind, and are all suitable for use from 3+ months.

The Benefits of Aromatherapy for Babies

Prepare for rest: One of the most cherished benefits of aromatherapy is its ability to create a soothing atmosphere for sleep. Using an essential oil blend in a sleep device (such as the Sweet Dreams Sleep Aid) can become a valuable part of baby’s bedtime routine, providing an aromatic cue that it’s time to rest.

Try… a blend including organic lavender, such as the Sleepy Time Baby Essential Oil blend.

Ease Tummy Discomfort: Babies often experience discomfort in their little tummies which can make them unsettled. Baby massage can be a great help, and the addition of a few drops of an essential oil blend to a carrier oil (such as Euky Bear’s Baby Massage Oil) can help ease bub’s discomfort.

Try… a blend including organic spearmint, such as our Tummy Ease Baby Essential Oil blend.

Soothe sniffles: Aromatherapy can be a gentle way to help baby breathe better, allowing them (and the whole family!) to get some much needed rest. A clearing essential oil blend that’s age appropriate can be a great standby in winter.

Try… a blend including organic eucalyptus, such as the Sniffly Nose Baby Essential Oil Blend.

Support Mood: Aromatherapy can have a positive impact on a baby's mood – and yours! Put on a cheerful citrus blend to uplift their spirits and create a happy atmosphere for play & discovery.

Try… a blend including organic orange, like Bee Happy Baby Essential Oil Blend.

Bonding and Relaxation: Spending time with your baby – there’s nothing better! Aromatherapy can enhance that beautiful nurturing atmosphere while feeding, winding down or just having a cuddle.

Massaging your baby with essential oils can also be a beautiful bonding experience. The gentle touch combined with soothing scents promotes relaxation for both you and your little one.

Try… a blend including organic mandarin, like Cuddle Calm Baby Essential Oil Blend.

How do I use aromatherapy for my baby?

From 3+ months, there are many ways to use Euky Bear’s essential oil blends for your bub – here’s our favourites!

Diffusion: Add 4-6 drops to water in your diffuser

Massage or bath: Add the recommended number of drops to a carrier oil before adding to your baby’s bath, or massaging their chest, arms or legs.

For 3 to 24 months: 1 drop to 1 tablespoon of carrier oil
For 24 months +: 4 drops to 1 tablespoon of carrier oil.

Spritz & Go: Use an Aroma Mist like Euky Bear's Sleepy Time or Sniffly Nose Linen & Room Mists to create a soothing atmosphere quickly - you can also throw these in your nappy bag to use anywhere you go.

Remember that every baby is unique, and what works for one may not work for another. Always monitor your baby's reactions to ensure they are comfortable and enjoying their aromatherapy experience, and if you have any concerns at all consult with your healthcare professional.

Aromatherapy for babies can be a valuable addition to your parenting toolkit, offering a gentle way to soothe, comfort, and bond with your little one. Enjoy!


  • Oct 11, 2023
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