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How to save time doing laundry - your hacks revealed!

Aug 28, 2023
How to save time doing laundry - your hacks revealed!
We asked real mums & dads to tell us their favourite time saving tips in the laundry – and the answers were amazing!

Our favourite of course, is using our Euky Bear Baby Laundry Liquid for baby & children’s clothes.

Not only is it dermatologically tested - which is perfect for little ones’ sensitive skin – it also contains real eucalyptus oil, which helps remove those really tough stains our tiny tots can make. This prevents re-washing items again, which nobody has time for!

Here's what you said when we asked, “What’s your best time saving hack in the laundry?”

Have a routine

Sarah: “Doing a load overnight so I can hang out first thing”

Sherie: “Wash every day so it’s manageable”

Mel G: “Follow a schedule, every Sunday morning Bedding . Clothes and towels Monday Wednesday and Friday, Saturday day off . It’s a good schedule and I never get behind in washing.”

Use natural products

Hayley:“Use vinegar instead of fabric softener for fluffy towels!”

Dee: “Using ¼ cup baking soda with your load of white clothes”

Olivia: “Using lemon and baking soda first in stained clothes before put clothes in the washing machine”

MM: “Vinegar in the wash works a treat”

Mel: “Vinegar for cuddly clothes!”

Kobie: “Vinegar for fabric softener”

Anne: “Use vinegar for a fabric softener”

Treat stains

Snikdah: “Soaking the dirty clothes in a solution of vinegar and laundry powder for an hour before putting them into the washing machine”

D. Barry: “Soaking stubborn stains and rubbing powder stain remover into the stain directly.”

Sally: “A little bit of Euky Bear Laundry Liquid rubbed directly into kids stains on clothes - leave for 5 min before a wash for extra stain removal”

Connie: “Put Stained clothes straight in the sink to soak before being washed! The longer the stain dries on the clothes, the harder it is to remove.”

Clever tricks

Montana: “Adding an extra spin cycle to each load so the clothes are extra dry when they come out!”

Phillis: “Hang shirts and dressers in hangers on the clothesline from where they go straight into the wardrobes. Saves time and energy.”

Cruz: "Putting socks in a laundry wash bag so we don't lose them."

Sunny: “Always give shirts and other items a good strong flick to remove any creases and leave them to dry on a hanger. It saves so much hassle having to iron items!”

Poppet: “Get a smart washing machine that send your phone notifications when it’s finished. Helps avoid leaving wet laundry in the machine.”

Bindee: “Scrub white sneakers with white toothpaste and scrub gently with a scrubbing brush. Soak thoroughly prior to washing”

Keep your washer clean

TCC: “Run white vinegar through my machine to give it a clean”

Annie: “To prevent mould and grime from getting out of control in your washing machine, make sure you leave the door open in between cycles.”

Get a helping hand

Jess: “Keep the folding to do when grandma visits!”

Jas: “Getting the toddlers to help out!”


Always follow manufacturer’s instructions when laundering clothing and maintaining your washing machine.
  • Aug 28, 2023
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