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Natural cleaning tips for baby toys

Jan 31, 2024
Natural cleaning tips for baby toys

Natural cleaning isn’t just for your floors and kitchen – have you considered your baby’s toys?

In a post-pandemic world we’re all hypervigilant about germs, and with baby and kids’ toys, that’s probably a good thing. Giving your baby’s toys a natural clean regularly is a great idea for peace of mind. Think of all the times they’re dropped on the floor or carpet (notoriously dirty areas) and then make their way into little mouths!

Many of us also like to do our bit for sustainability - swapping toys with friends, op shopping or using a toy library.  But there’s potential to share germs there, too.

If you’re a fan of natural cleaning tips, read on!  Here are some ways you can keep toys hygienic, without harsh chemicals.

Plastic toys

Plastic baby toys come in two categories – with electronics and without electronics.  Basic plastic toys like stacking rings and teething keys are simple: just wash these when you wash your bottles, or simply pop in the dishwasher.

We love multi-tasking using Euky Bear’s Baby Bottle & Utensil Cleanser.  With plant-based ingredients including a natural enzyme, it’s a natural cleaning whizz for removing drool and formula residue, which can lead to bacteria and odours.

When washing baby’s bottles or feeding items, just pop toys in the sink, too.  Most should be washed at least weekly – teething toys every day or two. 


Electronic toys

For plastic items with electronics, clean weekly with Euky Bear’s Baby Nursery Cleaner. Unlike many multipurpose sprays it’s food prep safe, so it doesn’t leave a harmful residue.


Naturally powered with 100% Australian Eucalyptus Oil, it kills bacteria and gives items a thorough, but natural, clean.  Spray a small amount to gently dampen a clean cloth and wipe carefully, always ensuring you avoid directly wiping battery or electronic areas. 


Bath toys

You can pop these in the sink and wash with our Baby Bottle & Utensil Cleanser, too – hot, sudsy water is best to help kill germs so put your gloves on!


What about bath toys with holes? These can be problematic and some suggest avoiding them altogether.  They can potentially grow mould and even hanging in a mesh caddy doesn’t always dry them well enough. 

If you use them, make sure they’re thoroughly squeezed out after each use and if you ever see mould during a clean, toss them away.


Plush toys

Pop in the laundry wash with a natural laundry liquid like Euky Bear’s Baby Laundry Liquid. Its grime-busting natural eucalyptus formula is perfect for the kind of beating baby’s favourite snuggly gets, while caring for their little “buddy” in the wash.


Spot clean toys with some warm water and a natural dish wash, or Euky Bear’s Bottle & Utensil Cleanser.  Just dab stains with the soapy water and dry the spot with a towel before drying on the line in the sun.


Well-loved plushies should be washed fortnightly - but to maintain, you can give them a weekly spray with Euky Bear’s Sniffly Nose Room Spray.  With natural essential oils including eucalyptus, rosemary & oil of wintergreen, this baby-friendly antibacterial spray kills germs and keeps nursery surfaces (and toys!) hygienic.


Wooden toys

It’s best to check manufacturer’s instructions for wooden toys. Never immerse in water.

A slightly damp, warm cloth with water only will often do the trick  (and is a great option for natural cleaning maintenance for all toys).  


Outdoor toys

Hot soapy water + eucalyptus solution in a bucket is your friend! You can also use our Baby Nursery Cleaner as a natural cleaning option… it may look gentle, but that eucalyptus packs a punch!  Spray on, leave for a few minutes and power wash off for clean outdoor toys.



  • Jan 31, 2024
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