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Protect little hands naturally, with NEW Euky Bear Hand & Surface Sanitiser

Jun 22, 2023
Protect little hands naturally, with NEW Euky Bear Hand & Surface Sanitiser

Hand sanitiser use is now a permanent part of daily life for most Australian families.  But finding one your toddler likes?  A bit trickier!

Toddlers, as we know, are renowned for their strong opinions and anything sticky, smelly or yukky isn’t going to cut it.  But with a world of germs out there, you need a solution.

Euky Bear Hand & Surface Sanitiser to the rescue!  Euky Bear’s Hand Sanitiser has been formulated specifically for toddlers, with a light, fresh aroma and a spray-on formula that you can apply quickly.

It’s non-sticky and quick drying, plus it’s dermatologically tested so it’s kind to the sensitive skin on their little hands.

Euky Bear’s Hand Sanitiser kills 99.99% germs and includes beautiful naturally derived ingredients: Organic Kakadu Plum, renowned for its moisturizing properties, and Orange essential oil for a fresh citrus burst.

It also kills germs on surfaces when you’re on the go – including communal change tables, restrooms, shopping trolley handles, food court highchairs and playgrounds. 

100% Australian made and owned, there’s no nasties, no artificial fragrance, and it’s vegan friendly too.

Simply spray to cover hands and rub hands until dry, or spray onto surfaces and let dry before use.  Throw one in your handbag, nappy bag and in the car so you’re covered wherever you go.

And the best thing is, it’s so fresh and lovely you’ll enjoy using it too!

You can find Euky Bear’s Hand & Surface Sanitiser online now.




  • Jun 22, 2023
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