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Say hello to your new travel best friend! Euky Bear’s Sweet Dreams Portable Baby Sleep Aid

Mar 25, 2024
Say hello to your new travel best friend! Euky Bear’s Sweet Dreams Portable Baby Sleep Aid
Days out, holidays, visits to friends and family… life doesn’t stop when baby arrives. But helping baby sleep while out and about can be challenging.

There’s new surroundings, sights, sounds and smells - and often upset routines – which can make settling tricky.

But don’t pack away your passport just yet: the latest addition to the Euky Bear family is about to become your new travel best friend.

Introducing the Sweet Dreams Portable Sleep Aid: the little sister of our popular original Sweet Dreams Sleep Aid, it’s a compact and portable way to bring your baby sleep routine with you anywhere you go.

Perfect for your pram, car seat, port-a-cot or even tent, it soothes and helps baby drift off to sleep*. How? Glad you asked!

Pink noise

A soothing sound frequency intrinsic to nature, pink noise helps to relax and calm your little one for a restful sleep. It blocks out external noises like white noise, but is a deeper, more calming sonic ‘hue’ babies respond well to.

Soothing sounds

Does your little one prefer heartbeat sounds, waterfall or lullabies? Our portable baby sleep aid has them all to choose from. Developed with leading sleep experts, it even has a ‘Shusher’!

Red light therapy

Red light supports the functioning of the body’s natural circadian rhythm, or sleep cycle. This adjustable feature assists babies to fall asleep, and settle more quickly.

Rechargable by USB, you can even take it camping - and it runs for up to 24 hours.

So if you’re thinking of a trip away with baby, put this genius little device on your ‘must have’ list. While your little one enjoys the soothing sensory experience, you can kick back and enjoy a more restful holiday. Isn’t that Sweet?

HANDY TIP: Use Euky Bear’s original Sweet Dreams Sleep Aid unit in the nursery as part of baby’s usual bedtime routine, using the pink noise or the soothing sound bub likes best. Then use the portable version when out and about: select the same sound, so they’ll recognize the sleep cue from home.

You can even use our Sleepy Time Aroma Mist to simulate the aromatherapy – it’s the same blend that’s in our baby essential oil.

*Please refer to operating manual for full instructions for use.

Baby essential oils suitable from 3+months.

  • Mar 25, 2024
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