Sniffly Nose Inhalant

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A strong blend of Eucalyptus, Rosemary and Menthol for steam inhalation. The vapours soothe nasal and throat passages providing comfort.

Euky Bear Sniffly Nose Inhalant is specially formulated to be used with a steam vaporiser. It mixes easily with water, enhancing the benefits of steam vapour and providing all-night comfort.

  • Extra strong with Eucalyptus
  • For use with steam vaporiser
  • Australian made & owned
Eucalyptus oil is naturally soothing and has a long history of traditional use for easier breathing. Used in warm steam, it can complement steam therapy.
Directions for use

Shake well before use. 


For use with Steam Vaporiser: 

Pour 10mL (2.5 capfuls) of Inhalant into empty vaporiser. Add water to maximum fill level. Refer to your vaporiser manual for further use and care. 


For use with Steam Inhaler or Basin:

Pour in hot water. Add 1mL of Inhalant per 250mL of water used, or 4mL (1 capful) per litre. Breathe in vapours. 

Eucalyptus Oil, Menthol, Rosemary Oil, Methyl Salicylate in a slow release base.

Do not take by mouth. Keep out of reach of children. For steam inhalation use only. Contains bitterant to avoid accidental ingestion. Use only as directed. Store below 30°C.


Download Euky Bear Sniffly Nose Inhalant SDS


Can I use it in the bath? 

No, this formula is not suitable for bath use. 


Can I use it in my diffuser? 

No, this formula is designed only for vaporisers and is not suitable for use in aromatherapy diffusers. 


Can I add other oils in as well when using in my vaporiser? 

No, it is recommended to only use water soluble Inhalants in your vaporiser, not pure oils. 


Can I add a bit more if I can’t smell it anymore?

We recommend the dosage as per label instructions. If after a while it appears less strong, your senses may have become used to the aroma.