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6 tips to ease baby's cold this winter, naturally

Sep 22, 2020
6 tips to ease baby's cold this winter, naturally

There's no-one so desperate as a mum whose little one is suffering a lingering cold. Knowing there's a sleepless night ahead with an unhappy, unwell child is every parent's nightmare. And with children constantly exposed to bugs at schools and daycare, there's a lot of night-time sniffles going on in the average household.


Babies and toddlers are often the hardest hit and there aren't many options available to help.


Fortunately natural therapies are very effective and help provide the soothing comfort your family needs when illness hits.


Here's our top 6.

1. Use a warm steam vaporiser

A warm steam device like Euky Bear's Steam Vaporiser is an investment that will see your family through many cold & flu seasons.


Steam vaporisers increase humidity, adding essential moisture to a room to help ease congestion and help children breathe more easily during the night. The unit stays on overnight, producing the soothing steam for 12-14 hours in the child's bedroom to help provide peace of mind and a good sleep for all.


And the excellent news is that this is a natural therapy that's suitable for all ages, from newborn onwards. 


Euky Bear warm steam vaporiser to relieve congestion


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2. Try inhalants

Inhalants are essential oil-based formulas designed specifically to go in the water of steam vaporisers. They produce a soothing, aromatic scent that helps increase the effectiveness of steam vapour therapy. They can be used with confidence in a child's room with a little ventilation.


Euky Bear Sniffly Nose Inhalant for use in a vaporiser 


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3. Nasal aspirators

The thought of using one of these may make you cringe, but you know what they say about desperate measures! Breast and bottle feeding can be particularly difficult when baby is stuffed up, and if you can get the hang of it, a nasal aspirator is an invaluable tool for helping expel mucous. Bet you never thought you'd be sucking snot from your baby's nose, but there you go. Isn't parenthood a wonderful thing!

4. Chest rubs

Euky Bear's classic Euky Bearub is suitable from 12+ months and includes essential oils in a gentle carrier to soothe coughs and cold symptoms throughout the night. It's been around 40 years and most toddlers will enjoy the fun of a 'tickly' massage with Bearub as part of the bedtime routine.


Euky Bear Bearub


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5. The 'Cot tilt'

This classic, but often forgotten, manouvere involves raising the head of the child's bed or cot to help mucous drain more effectively downwards. It doesn't need to be much, just a little, a rolled up towel underneath can somtimes do the trick. Just make sure baby is secure and you follow SIDS guidelines (ie. don't put a pillow in the cot). Older toddlers and children who already sleep with pillows can be offered an extra one to help ease congestion.

6. Sweet relief

Did you know studies prove simple table honey can be as effective as cough medicine at easing a sore throat? This one is only for 12 months and over, but if your child will tolerate it (and brush their teeth afterwards) a spoonful of honey (2ml - 5ml) can work wonders on scratchy throats a few times a day. You can opt for nutrient rich Manuka honey, but it's not strictly necessary.


Finally, don't underestimate the power of a Pyjama day - for you, and your child. Pop some TV on, snuggle up on the couch and take all the downtime you (reasonably) can to recuperate and recharge. Peaceful rest is the number 1 key to healing and with all your natural weapons in place, you're well equipped to help your little one find it.


Find out more about the Euky Bear Cough & Cold range here.


Always read the label and follow the directions for use.

  • Sep 22, 2020
  • Category: Blog
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